Helpful Bible Study Links and Free Software

A Better Bible Study Method - Book Two, Be Not Deceived
The second book in the Better Bible Study Method book series. Five biblical case studies will show how the teachings of men can blind people to the truth in scripture.

A Better Bible Study Method Audio Teaching
Conference presentation on the problem of using the world's methods to study God's word. This link will download and MP3 audio file, then just click to play.

Audio-Bible (Read by Stephen Johnston)
Listen to the Bible free online or read a large print version. Click on any chapter to start.

Audio Bible Downloads, Phone Aps
Free audio Bible downloads and mobile aps or listen to streaming audio of the Bible.

Author of the Fourth Gospel, John or Lazarus? 
You are the jury and scripture is the only evidence in this case of The Bible vs. Tradition..

Authority of God's Word
The key to a better Bible study method.

Bible Versions for Free Download
The AV (i.e. KJV), AVRLE (Red Letter Edition), AKJV (American KJV) and other free downloads.

Blue Letter Bible
Search the original Greek and Hebrew words by Strong’s numbers; other useful tools.

Creation Scientist A. E. Wilder-Smith
Creation vs. evolution? The origin of life? His books and teachings offer some great insights.

e-Sword Free Bible Study Software
A free Bible study program that has numerous Bible versions, commentaries and dictionaries.

Free Bible Software
"The Word" free Bible software has multiple translations, Greek texts, parallel views, and more.

Free Bible Study Suite - DAVAR4
Advanced Bible suite; cross reference Hebrew and Greek, etc. A free audio option will read you the Hebrew scriptures, which may be helpful for learning Hebrew.

Fourth Gospel Text, KJV
Text of the fourth gospel, King James Version (KJV) by chapter or full text altogether.

Gospel of John or Not, Top Ten
Reasons to trust the Bible instead of the traditions of men regarding the beloved disciple.

Interlinear Greek New Testament - Scripture4all
Free online interlinear Greek New Testament in PDF and also a free Scripture Analyzer tool.

Interlinear Hebrew Old Testament - Scripture4all
Free online interlinear Hebrew Old Testament in PDF and also a free Scripture Analyzer tool.

Mary Magdalene, Author of the Fourth Gospel?
A free printable Bible study on the idea that Mary Magdalene wrote the fourth gospel.

New Testaments - First English Bibles Compared
First English New Testament translations side-by-side. Wycliffe - Tyndale (Rogers, Coverdale, Cranmer) - Geneva - KJV.

Online Bible Software
See original language and various translations in parallel.

Reviews and Comparison of Bible Study Software
Comparison of Bible software with links to reviews of the features of each program.

The Da Vinci Code Error, Free Printable Bible Study
Many Bible teachers make The Da Vinci Code mistake - they rely on non-Bible sources instead of the Bible.

The SWORD Project
Open-source tools to help write Bible software.

William Tyndale's Translation of the New Testament
Click on a chapter to read from the first printed New Testament in English (brought online with current spellings) translated by William Tyndale 1525-1526.

William Tyndale's Translation of the Old Testament
Click on a chapter to read from this Old Testament translated by William Tyndale, completed by Miles Coverdale, and John Rogers in the Matthew's Bible 1537.

Wordsearch Bible Software and Apps
Offers Bible study apps and software.

Lazarus rose from the dead and then…- the rest of the story

Free printable Bible study on Lazarus - Get a printable version
The Rich Man and Lazarus - Was this a parable or prophecy?
The beloved disciple - Scr proves that he was not John 
The fourth gospel - The author in his own words

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